Same people same place

At the end of the day somewhere everyone comes with one down, down which plays a part in reducing the spark in your eyes, maybe you’ve come here from something worst in past and you would prefer more worst rather than going back there again 

It is simple, we live and we try our best to make the things more complicated than the word simple, some people in our life seems perfect at the start, by time they become same old one, and one might feel awkward or let us say bore to see them again, gaining maturity is one thing but thawing old fire is different.

The down we discover at the end of the day leads to pain and numbness sooner than we can ever think about it , and some might try to stay strong and courageous and they will try to fight with themselves, there are places once we had felt safe, safer than home, that place is still there, people who’ve given us comfort and surety of happiness, they are still there.

Same place same people. 

Somewhere we all feel the same..

Someone who comes from nowhere,

Loves you like your world was never perfect,

Nurturing your soul again after shredded journey,

Something which makes the air breezy suddenly comes from nothing,

We live once we die once we live again,

Love and hate in this heat is something we can not look over now,

People that used to be boundless forever are mediocre now,

Places we used to hide from darkness together is now trashed,

At the time of perilous we only meant to count on people we love,

Sometimes it becomes contradictory when your hope perishis in a moment,

It may not sound perfect then,

But all we can do is run and run and run,

Until we found the elixir to the cure for the future.